Uganda Chimps and Gorillas

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Kibale National Park, Uganda
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve, Uganda

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Deep in the primary forests of Uganda lies a haven for some of the worlds most endangered and most captivating primates. These pockets of pristine primary forests lend themselves to the notion of Diane Fossey’s famous idea of a protected area for these complex and intricate mammals the Mountain Gorillas and the Chimpanzees.

Your Chimp and Gorilla Safari takes you first to the alluring Kibale Forest in search of the Chimpanzees, treks in this forest carry an almost mystical feel and you wait in hope of hearing a distinctive Pant Hoot. Upon locating the Chimpanzee’s one soon realizes the depth of these primates society, the political nature of all their actions and comical behavior of the youngsters. Your 2 hours with the Chimpanzees can be the most enthralling study in primate Ethology, leaving your ears ringing your heart pounding and your connection with these primal forest reinforced. After your treks, you will enjoy the wonderful views of the world famous Rwenzoris, the mountains of the moon, and the layers of color coming from the canopy of Kibale National Park.

Your next stop sees you in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. One of the few bastions of Gorilla conservation which boasts the highest number of Mountain Gorillas on the planet. Gorilla trekking is often referred to as, life-changing, once in a lifetime and awe-inspiring, the experience is hard to articulate and when you have spent some time with these incredible gentle, intelligent apes, it is truly proved to be an enriching experience.

The Uganda Chimps and Gorillas Safari will allow you two gorilla permit allowing you a total of one hour for each permit with the gorillas, an hour that can sometimes feel like an eternity. After each demanding trek, you can relax in the comfort of world-class lodges, and dissect the ethereal experience that you have just enjoyed.

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