The Dream Team

Planning a safari has many pitfalls and choices

By leaning on the experience long-standing safari industry insiders can cut the murk and separate the good from the great.

Experiences that are chosen and proven by years of experience and knowledge, with a specific focus on attention to detail can be the difference between a good adventure and an outstanding one

Destinations are hand selected through careful consideration of overall experience, accommodation, quality of guiding and true wilderness feel.

Keith Connelly


Keith Connelly is a mad passionate Wildlife Guide, Professional Photographer, Photographic Guide and Travel Addict.

He began his career as a guide working in the exclusive lodges of South Africa where he gained a great love for photography, but an even greater passion for the planet’s wildlife and love for the personal experiences and the pure joy that capturing and sharing nature’s best moments offer.

His 20 years of experience guiding clients and travelling in some of the world’s foremost wild places and has developed a great understanding and knowledge of wildlife behaviours and habits.

Keith is of the firm belief that extraordinary safaris and wildlife experiences are felt more by the heart and soul than seen or heard with eyes and ears. Capturing these wonderful natural moments is all about the experiences themselves leaving an indelible emotional memory that will last a lifetime.

In recent years he has developed a real joy in teaching all of the finer aspects of nature photography to clients and fellow photographers and now plies his trade privately guiding his clients and offering Photographic Safaris across Africa and the globe.”

Dan Odendaal



Having produced TV commercials as well as a Wildlife Series across Africa for the past 10
years, Dan has a passion and great knowledge of the continent, its people and the amazing
experiences it has to offer. With a keen interest in photography and wildlife, Dan finds
himself in the bush during most of his free time. His love for wildlife and the incurable feeling
you get when being in the wild is something that through Safari Butlers he hopes will be a
feeling that our guests will never cure.

Peter Frangiskakis


Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the reason I have trust issues.

Having grown up spending school holiday’s in the bush as a child it was obvious that this would be a lifelong addiction.

Peter completed a degree in Politics and Economics before testing Big City Life in London, quickly realized this was too far from the bush he loved and headed back to South Africa and completed his training as a guide. Since then he has spent his years guiding and managing lodges in some of South Africas most remote locations, added to that Peter has spent a great deal of time overlanding to Sub Saharan Africa’s most spectacular and wild destinations.

Never scared of a leaky Land Rover or a zesty Gin and Tonic at sundown the next step in his bush passion turned to recreating his experiences for other people. Enter Safari Butlers, Peter brings critical operations knowledge and experience to the company and he hopes you find your Africa through him.