Savanna, Primates & Paradise

Starting Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Fly In Fly Out Luxury Safari

Selous Game Reserve, Mahale Mountains National Park & Pemba Island

Finishing Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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Tanzania offers the ultimate in East African safari experiences from undeniable wilderness in the Selous Game Reserve to the soul touching, Mahale Mountains, on the banks of Lake Tanganyika to the pristine oceans and pearly beaches of Pemba, the Savanna, Primates, and Paradise is the absolute ultimate in luxury safari experiences.

Starting in one of the largest protected wilderness areas on earth, the Selous Game Reserve you will jet into a bygone era, where the wilds of Africa leap from the pages written by old-time explorers. Selous Game Reserve offers a remoteness and isolation that is unmatched and a wildlife experience that will leave you taken back in time. Opulence and natural connection await you daily.

The Mahale Mountains and Greystoke Mahale have an otherworldly feeling arriving on your landing strip on the edge of the enormous Lake Tanganyika a dhow awaits for your three-hour journey on azure waters along the hilly edges of this, one of the last true paradises on earth…Greystoke Mahale. You turn a corner to a palm tree lined sandy beach with a warm welcome, your home for four nights is an idyllic beach far from the modern world and deep in the heart of the Mahale Mountains. Each morning begins with news from the Chimp trackers over breakfast, you’ll begin your trek with Greystoke world-famous guides and set out for a life-altering time with Mahale’s M group of Chimpanzees. Afternoons are spent aboard a dhow, swimming in Tanganyika’s crystal clear waters. Greystoke Mahale is sure to leave an indelible impression.

The last leg of this epic safari sees you heading to Tanzania’s most tropical island, the tiny island of Pemba. Pemba and its marine protected area is a haven for sea life, pleasure seekers and the lovers of paradise. Whether you’re scuba diving on the richest reefs on the Indian Ocean Coast, enjoying a cocktail on the pristine beaches or taking in the marine life from your ingenious underwater room, Pemba will not fail to delight and unwind you.

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