One Small Act

Working together to give back

We are acutely aware of Africa’s need for community based upliftment to assist with conservation

Every person can contribute in a small way to the protection of the beautiful wilderness areas we as guests visit and enjoy.

We all have the responsibility to give back to these precarious wilderness areas that give us so much

A small token goes a long way

Providing money often ends up in a deep dark hole.

One Small Act wishes each guest to make a small difference by bringing with them a small token such as excess school supplies, clothing, blankets, textbooks, sports equipment, books anything that can be deemed valuable and up lifting to provide to the communities neighbouring these wilderness areas.

By partnering with village schools, orphanages and support groups small act of kindness can lead to assistance and ecological value in the communities that border on and rely on the national parks.

We stand by the adage that with local people there can be no conservation.

One Small Act can change many minds and be the difference between impoverished communities seeing real beneficiation from low impact tourism and not.

The end goal building towards a place where definite needs can be addressed such as vegetable growing co-ops, support of local schools and sports teams and youth development.

A massive impact can be had on the people who most need it by just One Small Act.

Guests have the opportunity to physically see the difference that their small act can have by meeting the benefactors and giving over the token items themselves a far more powerful message than handing over cash and never seeing or visiting where that may end up.