Africa's Enduring Valley's Safari

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 Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe
South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

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Epochs of water action have transformed the African Continent and its rivers into an unrivaled wildlife paradise.

Africa’s Enduring Valley’s Safari explores two of this continents most iconic river systems….The Zambezi River in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe and the Luangwa River, Zambia.

The floodplains and Winter Thorn Forests of Mana pools provide a cathedral for game viewing that few can compare to. The large Albida trees providing a stage for a magical natural theater, it’s actors are Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, and the iconic African Painted Wolf. Mana Pools offers the visitor the chance to explore the this Eden on foot allowing close encounters that leave you spellbound, late afternoon light combines with Mana’s orange dust creating surreal scenes. Mana Pools harks back to a golden age of African Safari with its golden light, raw Africaness, and unbeatable close wildlife encounters, it truly is a Safari for the senses.

The second leg of Africa’s Enduring Valley’s Safari takes you to one of the worlds last true wildernesses in the South Luangwa National Park, home to vast swathes of honking Hippos, stealthy Leopards lurking in well-worn canals, Lion prides that shake the ground with their nightly roars. South Luangwa gives you a feeling of complete immersion into safari life, your camp on the banks of the great Luangwa River bursts to life every evening with the soundtrack of this truly wild place. You can commune with the hippos’ as you enjoy your own outside bubble bath or watch as one of the many resident Leopard patrols nearby. Africa’s Enduring Valley’s Safari gives insight into the intricate working and cycle of life that sees these places thrive as some of the world’s best wildlife viewing destinations.

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