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Our team has been in the industry for a combined 30 years. We have all cut our teeth working from the ground up in the safari and tourism industries with a focus in the five-star luxury safari sector. This means we are equipped to meet your every need.

Our guests are our priority and we strive to pre-empt your wishes, to ensure you have the ideal safari holiday.

We are not simply a click and book company, rather we are genuinely interested in tailor making your dream experience.

Our mission is to recreate the magical encounters we have been privileged to have, for you on your trip. We strive to provide uncompromising quality in our service and dedication to you, our customer. While we do offer a selection of carefully thought out pre-curated African safaris, our focus is to work with you to create the trip that goes exactly where you want to go.

We are dedicated to our ethos of sustainability, community upliftment and eco-tourism and as such we ensure our partners are too, they share our values and in doing so, you can be sure your trip will directly contribute to at least one, if not several initiatives that are working to preserve this beautiful land and her people. We have partnered with some of the most exclusive and remote lodges to ensure your experience is yours alone and far from the hustle of daily life. You will experience the real africa, encounter her phenomenal wildlife and have the opportunity to learn from local tribespeople about her ways.

Our experience in the field means that every location you visit, we have visited, and we are confident that the quality and outstanding service you receive will exceed your expectations. We are truly sharing our Africa with you, so that by the time you leave, the seed of intrigue created while planning your trip, will have blossomed into a lifelong wonder for this land.

What we stand for


Eco Tourism


Uplifting the community




Sharing a unique resource


Creating your Africa

Uncompromised service and dedication to our customers

Very little of what we do is a menu item we CURATE safaris and experiences for people.
Our partners are not just lodges they stand for the same values and share the same love if we have not personally experienced it we will not send you there.

Our Africa for you